We offer several types of massage to fit your needs. 

(30 Minutes or 1 Hour Massages Available)


Lymphatic Massage


Gentle touch massage. Helps fluid to drain from damaged areas of the lymph nodes.



Orthopedic (Deep Tissue) Massage


Great for specific pain in parts of your body. This type of therapy


will help to stimulate the muscles to increase blood flow, relax and overall restore the body.




Fertility Massage


This unique massage helps to open the channels of the female repoductive system.





We've got a certified pre-natal table pillow that supports your belly and back. This can be used


all the way up to 40+ weeks.


One of our most popular massages!




Sacroiliac Joint Technique


This is a form of exercises that help the Sacro joint to become stronger. Helps with posture,


walking and relief of pain from a pinched sciatic nerve.



Myofascial Release 


Greatly helps with reducing muscle tightness, pain from Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. 


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